The Yummy For The Tummy Series

    Bible stories with a twist! In my efforts to entertain and captivate a five year old with the adventures of Jesus and his friends, I have created a series of Bible adaptations designed to be funny and entertaining without losing the message within. Bright pictures, catchphrases and a look at some of the characters not always touched upon in Sunday School give my children, and hopefully yours, an active interest in their Bibles and a growing interest in their Church. At the very least, they're entertaining for kids and adults alike and the morals are relevant to a child of any background.

 Have fun reading them and please tell others about them!

 God bless, Katie


Jesus met a lots of different people on his travels. Here's your opportunity to meet them too!

 The Tomato Ketchup Story

          (Healing the paraplegic)

Meet the gang! Stories about some of the adventures of Jesus' best friends.

 The Ice Cream Pizza Story


A collection of tales from the Old Testament

 The Gummy Bear Sandwich Story


 The Chilli-Con-Carne Story

          (Elijah part 1)

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