A Nearly Artist...

My name is Katie Bodsworth, I'm not twenty anymore and I have a husband and two children. I have been an artist on and off since a very young age. My first memory of my art was winning a local library contest with a picture of an owl, now sadly lost in the mists of time. I was pretty small, as the victory picture had me in my Dad's arms!

I went on to enter a scholarship program in high school, but a stubborn refusal to draw on demand meant I was not destined to get the scholarship! I then just left my art behind for a number of years, drawing and painting here and there but never really learning what I was doing. My confidence in my talent was never high and when I was younger I had a streak of perfectionism that my art just couldn't live up to. It had to look just like the picture or scene it was copying. I never even entered the realm of make believe. I couldn't capture the pictures in my head on paper so I didn't bother.

It was only really when I had my children that my artistic tendencies rose back to the surface. For a start, having two kids cures you of perfectionism! I slowly learned, in many areas of life, not just art, that striving for perfectionism the whole time just leaves you tired and disappointed.  I started living the life I was given instead of trying to change it. I now try to recognise the limits of my talents and work to their strengths. As a result, I am much nearer perfection than I used to be and I also have the attitude and the time to live and love my life. As for my art, I realised that the art lies in the interpretation and the character of a painting, and not the technical detail. Right then and there my work gained a life that it never had before. When I was pregnant with my second I started a wall mural painted onto a sheet. This started something and I spent some time doodling animals and pictures of the kids. Then one day a friend saw the mural (still half finished, as I then had my little girl and she has given me no rest in the three years since!) and asked if I could do something similar on canvas for her girls. Thus was born my first commission. I have since painted children and animals and even a cartoon strip! Now I have successfully illustrated my first book and received positive reviews for it! I am currently working on a collection of greeting cards.

A Kind-of Writer...

 My stories come from a passionate belief in making the Bible interesting coupled with a real desire to distract my kids when they're trying to kill each other or the cat, or when they want to do the washing up or bake a mud cake... you get the idea. I tell stories to the kids whilst I get on with stuff; housework, cooking, etc. Quite often, of course, the housework goes out of the window and we all end up standing on the sofa brandishing cuddly camels but at least I got something done first!

My Yummy for the Tummy series, as it has evolved into, started out not actually with the Tomato Ketchup Story, as many think, but with the so far un-named story of Gideon. It was Tomato that caught the kids' imagination most though, and this led to me telling it to a churchfull of people for a kids' service one day. The response was great and so I told some more. Then one family moved away, so we made a tape of the tellings for a leaving present. The ball was rolling now and has arrived here at this site.

As you can tell, I am a storyteller, not a writer. The stories that you will find here are all basically transcriptions of lively storytelling sessions. The Tomato Ketchup story is the only one that has been professionally turned into a story for publishing. I hope to get the others done too, but right now it's not a financial option! I have made all these stories free to view and share as I refuse to hide any way of sharing the Word and helping kids keep their faith. I have, however, published one storybook, with illustrations, which is available here and through Amazon.com.